A new AI and Social Experience

About EEXP

Eexp is an experience for people, by people. It is mixing Artificial Intelligence technologies with social interactions to provide a new concept. On Eexp, you are anonymous but you will find relevant souls to interact with anytime, on any subject.

Currently in Beta stage, Eexp is recruiting volunteers to make it better and offer the best possible experience at launch time.

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Start Eexp is soon to open as a first beta experience. We are recruiting volunteers to be part of this first stage. Register below, and stay tuned.

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Do you want to contribute to EEXP as a developer/designer? If any of these "machine learning", "neural networks", "voice footprint recognition", "semantic vectors"... means something to you, maybe you want to contact us.

Anyway, feel free to email us to provide suggestions or if you have any question, or just to say Hi!